Keeping Bees For Money


The Right Beekeeping Equipment

If you have been perusing the idea of keeping bees as a hobby, this guide is just right for you! They must be ready before your bees arrive at the doorstep. The most important piece of equipment you need is the beehive.

Your beehive should have five supers. These supers are vital parts of your beehive because this is the area where the honey will be stored. The supers must be arranged so that the bottom of the beehive is below them and the cover is atop them. Apart from storing the honey, bees use these supers for raising their young ones too. When the hive starts buzzing with activity, each of these frames will show nine to ten frames. You can opt for a shallow super or for a deep super. With deep supers, you can make your foundation size uniform. A buzzing hive with a deep super can go up to a hundred pounds in weight. Take precaution to place your beehive on a level surface; otherwise there is the risk of the entire unit toppling over in a strong gust of wind. Arrange your beehive in a place that will be undisturbed by people or pets. Get a spacer to manage equal spaces between the frames for the time they are in the super.

The next device you will need is a smoker. The smoker helps you to get the bees out of the hive whenever you want to get the honey from it. The design of the smoker is actually quite minimal. The basic design of the smoker includes a combustion chamber along with a funnel and bellows. You can ideally use burlap in the smoker for the ignition because it lights up quite fast and it smolders a lot, producing thick dense fumes. You may also plan on using corn cobs, provided they are dried out. When you start the fire in the combustion chamber, the bellows will ensure that it does not die out, and you can use the funnel to get the smoke into the hive.

Your next bit of stuff is the metal hive tool. Your metal hive tool will come in handy when you have to pry the hive open, separate the compartments of the hive and for its cleanliness. The metal hive tool is a single piece of equipment, but it does a lot of stuff. If you haven't got a bee brush yet, don't think of getting your bees. This is where your bee brush will come in handy.

When extricating the honey, you will have to use a fumer board. Bees don't like the chemicals that are dabbed onto the fumer board. eBay can help you get some inexpensive material for beekeeping, but these things will be used. The best place to get beekeeping equipment is the Internet.

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